Empower Network and Dream Style Vacations (DSV)

Empower NetworkWhat is Empower Network, and Can It Be Used to Help Market Your Dream Style Vacations Business?

After seeing first-hand the struggles that people face online for years, I realized that systems and technology (although very powerful), can be a nightmare for some.

It was then that I started to create capture page systems, pages, reports, sales presentations and training that would help our teammates progress with their Dream Style Vacations business. With effort, many teammates have gone on to master these tools and build solid incomes. However, having your own personal web presence online can be the difference between earning those “average” commissions, and earning multiple 5 figures monthly.

You see, it wasn’t until I was able to get a personal website online (much like the one that you are reading this on now) that I was able to get my ‘personal’ message out to the masses. Having that personal touch, that enables you to connect with your prospect is an invaluable tool.

There are several ways that you can go about doing this. You can:

  • Build a blog or website (like this one)Empower Network Review
  • Create Videos
  • Create Articles
  • Create Facebook fan pages, and market on social networks
  • And many other ways

The problem comes in when you add the technical challenges and the hefty learning curve that comes along with them. Sure, I have training that teaches you how to do all of these things within our personal Dream Style Vacations team training site, and systems that do away with a lot of these issues. However, with advances in technology, there is now a much simpler solution.

Empower Network

Empower Network is an ‘Authority’ viral blogging platform that removes all the technical challenges people pace when trying to market their Dream Style Vacations business (or any business for that matter) online. As a member of Empower Network, you are instantly set up with a website, or blog the moment you join. No need to know about hosting, domains, autoresponders, capture pages, or anything technical for that matter.

It is literally the solution for many struggling marketers, as I have seen peoples businesses change almost overnight using the Empower Network marketing system.

Add to that, the ability to earn 100% commissions, and you can get your Empower Network system FREE, by just letting 1 other person know about it.

After testing the Empower Network and implementing it into my business, I can easily say that it will be a vital tool to my marketing arsenal, and I would recommend it to anyone who takes their Dream Style Vacations business seriously.

In Mastery,


Jon Mroz

Empower Network

To learn more about the Empower Network and to see if it is a right fit for your Dream Style Vacations business, get a complete Empower Network Review by visiting Empower Network.

What Does it REALLY Take to Succeed with Dream Style Vacations and 99 Getaways?

All too often this industry is made out to seem that without all the tools, knowledge and education, your destined to fail. When it really comes down to it… it’s not only simpler than you ever thought it could be once you “Get It”, but it soon becomes second nature.

99 Getaways HouseEveryone gets started in this industry with a dream of living their fantasy lifestyle… driving that luxury car, or living in that huge mansion. Some just simply want to pay off their debts. They know in their hearts that they have the capability to accomplish the task at hand, but they get caught up on the slow process of building their business, not seeing those immediate paychecks, or thinking that everything just seems to take too long to grow.

In this brief article I’m going to discuss the facts about building your Dream Style Vacations and 99 Getaways business, or any business for that matter.

You see, it all starts with a burning desire.

You absolutely MUST have a desire to succeed. People with this passion will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. It does not matter how many hours, days, weeks, or months it takes… they have a passion for success and will let nothing get in their way.

The people who DO NOT have this desire will never see the results they “HOPE” for because they will not put in the time and energy required to build a thriving, prosperous business.

I challenge you to question yourself, and ask the HONEST question – is your DESIRE for great wealth strong enough, that you will fight in the face of adversity, challenge negative emotions, and press through rejection and frustration with the ENERGY that you must, to reach your desired lifestyle?

If not, you may have to be beaten down by life until you reach a point so low that finally, you make an internal decision where you stand up and say ‘ENOUGH is ENOUGH’ and decide that you are going to make something happen.

The #1 Secret To Success With Dream Style Vacations and 99 Getaways Is To Make a Decision NOW!

99 Getaways TrainingStart with what you have NOW. Do not compare yourself to others. You cannot grow a business overnight, expecting to see immediate results in comparison to someone who has been doing this for years. The knowledge will come.

Let’s use me as an example. When I got started I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. BUT, I had a passion and a Desire to succeed. I had a thirst for knowledge and education. And when I learned something, I implemented it into my business. Then, when I saw results, I shared this knowledge with my teammates to help them duplicate the process.

You don’t have to tackle everything at once. Use the resources provided to you by your upline and take it one day at a time. Before you know it (with consistent action) the results will come.

Not the Internet Savvy type?

Who cares … this is a business of networking. Sponsoring reps into your organization is not difficult, online or off… once you “Get it”.

This is a business of providing information. You simply CREATE information and Provide. In other words … MARKETING.

Dream Style Vacations MarketingMarketing and Exposure are everything.

Don’t beat yourself up trying to catch up to others in the industry who have tons of material already in place. You simply EXPOSE your business to 3 people per day and if you have the desire to learn more marketing strategies, use the tools, training and resources that are at your fingertips for free in your spare time.

That’s it! It really is that simple. You simply EXPOSE your business to 3 people per day and move forward piece by simple piece. There is literally no limit to how creative you can get in your marketing. It’s all available to you free when you join the right team and do your research.

Lastly, I want to cover 1 important key piece. Not everyone is full time in this industry. Many have families to care for, school, or work to attend. And although you should never treat your BUSINESS as a hobby, you shouldn’t overdue yourself to the point of frustration. This will only lead to inaction and giving up on yourself. This business can really be a TON of fun when you set realistic goals for yourself and stop at nothing to accomplish them in a timely manner.

Understand that “Rome was not built in a day”, and neither is a business… but when you take consistent action towards creating results, your empire can grow to be monumental.

Start small with the full intention to grow HUGE… and Never, EVER give up. The rewards are greater than you can ever imagine.

I hope this message was of great value to you. If it was, be sure to Tweet, or “FB Share” it for me. Let your team know about it to take their business to the next level. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. I’ll see you at the top!

To Your Unstoppable Success,

99g Jon Mroz

Jon Mroz

PS … Is your Desire strong enough to take the 1st step in accomplishing your goals to achieve the success you know your worth?


99 Getaways - Click Here To Learn More

A Complete Review of the 99 Getaways System Powered by Dream Style Vacations

99 Getaways Logo$99 Getaways was created as a completely new, stand-alone or feeder program to parent company – Dream Style Vacations. Many people (especially in today’s economy) are trying to avoid monthly fees, or auto-ships when choosing a network marketing company. With 99 Getaways, there is a 1-time $250 opt in that gives you the potential to pocket $1,000.00 over and over again while sharing a one-of-a-kind exclusive travel product from a world class travel club.

$99 Getaways Review:

One time $250 opt-in creates a great lead-in product to Dream Style Vacations. A super fast cycler enables you and your prospects the ability to pocket $1,000.00 to $1,3000.00 over and over again. Once they cycle, many of them will upgrade to take advantage of the $5K and $16K bonuses that Dream Style Vacations offers.

99 getways feeder

Discover How You Can Pocket $1,000.00 Over and Over Again While Sharing a One-Of-A-Kind Exclusive Travel Product From a World Class Travel Club:

Listen To The Company Pre-Launch Webinar That Shocked The Industry:

Click Here To Download a PDF Presentation

99 Getaways Membership Benefits:

  • Each week you’ll have access to exciting featured Getaways at Exclusive Member Only pricing as low as $99!
  • Guaranteed Savings of at least $200 off preferred member pricing on over 5,000 luxury resorts around the world!
  • Diamond Traveler and Diamond Cruiser DSV members who are also 99 Getaway members can combine their savings for a minimum of $400 off preferred Member pricing on over 5,000 luxury resorts around the world.
  • No Monthly Fees Ever!

In my personal opinion, I feel that 99 Getaways is a perfect feeder program for those interested in joining a world class travel company but just aren’t quite ready for the monthly fees. Once they are comfortable with the system and see some activity on their matrices by applying our team’s Exclusive Training, I would highly recommend upgrading to Dream Style Vacations to take advantage of the unbeatable travel savings and the HUGE bonus pools of $5K and $16K.

Take A Closer Look At The $99 Getaways System and Discover How You Can Start Earning and Saving By Clicking The Image Below:

99 Getaways - Click Here To Learn More

To Your Unstoppable Success,

Jon Mroz

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Is Dream Style Vacations or ANY Online Business REALLY for You?

There’s a bit of a problem that we all face, and I should say this really goes for ANY Industry. Success truly comes to those who take MASSIVE ACTION. But unfortunately, many do not.

Listen as multi-millionaire Anthony Robbins shares a very profound message in an interview with two other “average guys” who took action and hit the BIG time. If you’re serious about wanting to make a substantial, ever expanding monthly income, I strongly recommend listening to this whole interview and use these valuable nuggets of information to your advantage.

Video: Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

Click the expand option (lower right) to watch full screen

It’s important to me that those who watch this video and decide to join our Dream Style Vacations Mastermind Team, make a commitment to themselves to follow through in their actions and create significant results for themselves and those around them.

The Potential Is LIMITLESS.

I hope this video was extremely valuable to you and that it really struck a chord.

Leave your comments below and let us know what it truly means to you.

To Your Unstoppable Success,

Jon Mroz

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PS … Are you one to follow through?


Hand Out Free Vacations Review – HandOutFreeVacations.com:

A Major Update To Dream Style Vacations Marketing Arsenal.

Hand out free vacationsDream Style Vacations Owner Randal Williams announced on Tuesday, July 27th 2010 that they will be adding a free marketing system (Hand Out Free Vacations) to help DSV go viral even more so than it already has. The goal here is to invite affiliate marketers to the DSV system and allow them to promote the business at zero cost. When those who were referred to the system upgrade the affiliates will receive either $25 or $50 depending on the level at which they joined (Traveler or Cruiser).

So, what does this all mean to those who are active in the Dream Style Vacations System?

This is where the true benefits come into play for those that are already members. Let’s say you sign up an affiliate marketer that decides to go out and promote DSV to their list. In this case we’ll say that the affiliate decides NOT to become a paid member. BUT, he refers 20 people to the system who also want to take advantage of the Hand Out Free Vacations System. 10 of those free affiliates decide to upgrade. The affiliate that referred those 10 paid customers will now receive either $25 or $50 for each person they referred. But, because that affiliate is not active in the system and on the bonus pool boards he will not receive the benefits of the boards “cycling”… You will.

So, because you are active in the system and on the bonus pools, when affiliates upgrade they will be placed under you, which will in turn cycle you thru the boards getting you closer to those $5K, $16K, and even $21K payouts.

Hand Out Free Vacations – DSV Major Announcement Call:

Take a closer look at the system that you can pick up Right Now for FREE by clicking on the image below:

hand out free vacations

To Your Unstoppable Success,

Jon Mroz

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Dream Style Vacations:

What if I am a Complete Novice?

Over the past few months we have seen a HUGE surge in Traffic coming into the market place, and with all this traffic generated around Dream Style Vacations new members are in a prime position for success IF they know what they are doing. You see, thousands of new marketers are now turning to the internet to find a solution to their problems. And being a newbie myself at one point, I know how overwhelming it can be looking for the right program, with the right sponsor, with the right training. If you’ve visited my exclusive team benefits page you would’ve discovered that I literally put my business on hold for months to create one of the most extensive training courses for online marketing in existence today.

Why did I do this… because I KNOW how tough it was getting started in this industry and not having a clue what to do, where to go and who to partner up with.

It is of absolute importance to me that anyone who joined me with Dream Style Vacations could skip thru those first months of struggle and literally follow a road-map, a blueprint to get into profit as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On my Dream Style Vacations Team Benefits page you’ll find that I created a non-branded training site that my team can pass on to their teammates as if they created it themselves. I kept this training generic, leaving my videos, pictures and name off of it for this reason specifically.

But there’s a downfall…

Even though I used some of the most powerful videos from this industries leading gurus from courses that I purchased and studied extensively, not everything is spelled out 100% … it’s close, but there are always going to be advancements in marketing and technology that leave room for expansion in your business. So, after getting with the team and Listening to their questions, I couldn’t help but add more value to the training… in my own words, using my own personal videos, walking you and the team thru every single action and process in creating an automated online business from scratch.

I literally take you by the hand…

And show you every step as if this was the first day you ever touched a computer:

  • Here’s Day 1, Watch My Computer Screen, Do This, Here’s why.
  • Here’s Day 2, Watch My Computer Screen, Do This, Here’s why.
  • Here’s Day 3, Watch My Computer Screen, Do This, Here’s why.
  • And so on and so on.

So, why would you want to listen to me?

As a personal coach and mentor for one of the top training platforms on the Internet Today – The 7 Figure Networker, I’ve been around the block a few times.
And to be blunt, I know what I’m doing :)

Partnered up with one of the industry’s top leaders (a multiple 7 figure earner), students gladly fork over $4,000.00 for me to personally train them in their businesses in a 12 week course.

Here’s a screen shot where I held the leading position in the company:

The 7 Figure Networker - Jon Mroz

And although many people have said that I have completely lost it for what I GIVE to my teammates for FREE, I feel that it is essential to create long-term business relationships in this industry. And to prove that, I literally give you the keys to access my personal training along with my support for the measly ridiculously low cost in joining Dream Style Vacations… Not a penny more.

If I was given this chance when first joining this industry … the opportunity to own my own business at the lowest cost imaginable, with the potential to get into profit within my first month, and the chance to partner up with one of the industries leaders who provides a PROVEN action plan, walking you thru every process… well, it would’ve simply been a no-brainer.

But here’s the Facts…

“You Do Not Have Unlimited Opportunities
In Your Lifetime… In Fact, You Have Far
Less Than You’d Probably Care To Believe”.

The wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world are successful because they don’t think like everyone else.

They don’t believe they have “Forever” to accomplish their goals.

They take action TODAY, and seize all opportunity that presents itself TODAY.

The type of possibility this will open up for you is truly LIMITLESS. All you have to do is SEIZE the moment now…


To Your Unstoppable Success,

Jon Mroz

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Dream Style Vacations – Discover the Income Potential

Dream Style Vacations now has thousands of members world wide and is literally Revolutionizing the Travel Industry. With more and more excited members joining daily, there has never been a better time to get started.

Discover How I Earned $15,952.00 While I Was Sleeping, and How YOU Can Apply The Same Techniques to Duplicate These Results:

(Click the expand option in lower right hand corner of the player to watch full screen)

Dream Style Vacations Webinar

Click Here To Get Registered Free

Discover how you can plug into our Exclusive Dream Style Masterminds Team Training and Resource Sites to Explode Your Business By Visiting:

Exclusive Dream Style Masterminds Team Training

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at JonMrozVacations@gmail.com or give me a ring at 904.707.0474 with any questions.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours In True Success,

Jon Mroz Dream Style Vacations


Jon Mroz

PS … If you realize that the time is right for you, and you’re ready to get started in the fastest growing Dream Style Vacations Team at the Perfect Time…

Take Your Free Test Drive Here

Dream Style Vacations Comp Plan EnhancementDream Style Vacations Announces Massive Comp Plan and Opportunity Enhancements that enable their Members the ability to Earn up to 6 Times What they were currently Earning!

DSV Members Currently have the potential to earn up to $21,000.00 every time they cycle the Dream and Destiny Boards… With the new enhancements coming into affect, you’re looking at multiple $63,000.00 + earnings potential. Listen to the video below for details. 

If you ever had a doubt in your mind that Dream Style Vacations wasn’t the right Travel opportunity for you, that just made perfect sense, at the right price and and the right time … I think it’s time we took another look.

A Dream Style 50 Year Vision In The Making

Here’s Just A Few Of The Highlights …

  • Follow Me feature
  • More Bonuses
  • Pay As You Go… Imagine picking up $50, $100, $300, even $500 along the way
  • Easier Qualifications – Pick up $750, $1,500, $3,000, $5,000 even $10,000 bonuses
  • THIS IS THE BIG ONE – Multiple Income Centers… Get Paid on up to 6 Income Centers at Once!
  • Another BIG ONE – $99 Guaranteed 7night/8day Luxury Resort Stay
  • Company Event
  • Much more…..

Combine that with the best Team Marketing and Training System in The Biz and You’ve Got a NO BRAINER.

If you are not completely familiar with the Dream Style Vacations comp plan you may have a few questions. Be sure to give me a call at 904.707.0474 or shoot me an e-mail so we can discuss your questions in detail.

Note: I’m looking for qualified business partners, so you can forget about a lame sales pitch from me : )

I look forward to your reply.

Yours In True Success,

Jon Mroz Dream Style Vacations


Jon Mroz

PS … If you realize that the time is right for you, and you’re ready to get started in the fastest growing Dream Style Vacations Team at the Perfect Time…

Take Your Free Test Drive Here

Dream Style Vacations Compensation PlanDream Style Vacations Comp Plan

Watch the video below to get an Insiders Review Of The Dream Style Vacations Compensation Plan To See How You Can Take Advantage of The Huge Rewards Dream Style Vacation Club Has To Offer While Taking The Vacations Of Your Dreams.

“Discover How I Earned $5K With Dream Style Vacations Using The Power Of The Internet WITHOUT Access To A Computer”

…And How You Can Do The Same:

Click on the expand option (lower right hand corner) to view Full Screen


When You Use Systems and Technology You Do The Work Once and Get Paid For a Lifetime. You’ll learn to Automate Your Online Business by leveraging Your Time and Efforts Maximizing your profits for the Long-Term. The Sad Part is, Most Network Marketers have no clue how to to take advantage of this. If you want to differentiate yourself from ‘The Masses’, and experience success in network marketing I Strongly Suggest You Take a Look At What Our Team Has To Offer. We’re Quietly Making a Fortune Online While Others seem to be stuck trying to figure it all out. Don’t Get stuck like them…

The Dream Style Masterminds Training and Resource Sites are enabling us to Emerge as the one of the Leading Teams in Dream Style Vacations.

Discover How You Can Take Advantage Of Our System to Grow Your Wealth Systematically At No Additional Charge By


To Get A Complete Review Of The Dream Style Vacations Compensation Plan Click Here

Yours In True Mastery

Jon Mroz Dream Style Vacations


Jon Mroz

Discover How The Dream Style Vacation Club Bonus Pools Work

Dream Style Vacation Club Buzz

As you’re probably aware, there’s been a lot of buzz on the Internet about Dream Style Vacation Club – and for good reason. Dream Style Vacations has an industry first compensation plan and a product that stands on its own. After reviewing the incentives I found that members would truly benefit from the product; saving them thousands on their dream vacations year round, and that would remain true even if the compensation plan WASN’T in place.

But, something still bothered me. How would Dream Style Vacation Club stay afloat if they were paying out SO much on such a low entry point? This is a major concern. The last thing I would want to get involved with (or get someone else involved with) is a business that is only going to be around for a few short years, or worse – a few months! I have seen other similar companies come and go just as quick as they got off the ground.

OK, so – let’s take a look at the compensation plan and boards to figure this out.

The information below is my personal findings and are estimates. We’ll use the Dream Board as our first example:
Dream Style Vacations Bonus Pools
Dream Pool – $97 Entry point – 5000 Point payout on stage 2 (1000 Travel Points + $4,000.00)

Hmmm … something doesn’t look right… right?!

OK, at any given time there are a minimum of 7 paid members on any given board with 8 slots that need to be filled at the bottom. Let’s say you join and are positioned in the 1st empty slot in the bottom 8.

Dream Style Vacations Board Empty
So, 7 paid members (your teammates once you join) would break down as follows: 7 x $97 = $679 is on the board

+ 8 slots that need to be filled before the person at the top can cycle out of the board. 8 x $97 = $776 once the board is filled at the bottom.

Dream Style Vacations Board Filling

$679 + $776 = $1,455.00 for the member at the top to cycle out.
OK, it’s still not making sense right? Well, once the person at the top cycles you will move from the bottom row to the row above and the 8 slots at the bottom will need to be filled all over again (by you and the other members on the board). This will need to take place a total of 4 times before you can cycle out of the top position and receive payment.

So, $1,455.00 x 4 = $5,820.00

OK, the dream board makes sense now. So, where does the remaining $820.00 go? Fortunately this money is distributed to members in quick start commission and the remaining portion is allocated to the company to remain in profit.

The same would hold true for the Destiny board:

$397 x 15 = $5,955 x 4 = $23,820 for a total payout of $16,000 + personal and team commissions.

The above information is only 2 examples and there are many other ways to receive payment from the Dream Style Vacation Club compensation plan including but not limited to:

  • Stage 1 Bonus Pools
  • Matching Bonuses
  • Quick Start Commissions
  • Retail Sales
  • 3×9 Forced Matrix – Residual Income
  • Travel Reward Points
  • Travel Incentive Bonuses
  • + More

The real question remains – “Why is it important to join a specific team in Dream Style Vacations?”

Dream Style Vacations QuestionThat’s a great question. Imagine for a moment that you join the first person you come by and you secure your position on a board – Congrats. Now what? Well, it will then be your responsibility to fill in the remaining 7 slots on the board yourself, and with the help of your teammates. But what if the person you joined is not working the program, or even worse, what if everyone on your board doesn’t have the training, resources or tools to consistently bring in a non-stop flow of new distributors? You’re left trying to fill all the positions on the board yourself. I thought this was supposed to be a team effort!?

Now, Imagine joining a team of leaders that are actively working the system and bringing in dozens, if not hundreds of people into Dream Style Vacation Club on a regular basis and will help you do the same. Those boards just started moving pretty quickly didn’t they?

You see, the real bonuses come into play when partnered up with the fastest growing, most innovative marketers in the company. With complete training, guided video tutorials, custom capture pages, web sites, marketing campaigns and a strong team of leaders in place, you are simply destined for success.

The Dream Style Vacations Elite Team could to be the difference between YOU reaching those multiple 5 figure months and taking those vacations you’ve always dreamed of, or simply being an affiliate of Dream Style Vacation Club.

Make an informed, educated business decision as to whether or not Dream Style Vacations and the team you are researching is the right choice for you by doing your due diligence and reviewing the opportunity and systems in place for you in their entirety.


For a complete review of the Dream Style Vacations Business opportunity and to see what The Dream Style Elite Team can do for you, Visit http://DreamStyleVacationsReview.com or the link below.

Jon Mroz
(904) 707-0474

Jon Mroz is a successful Internet marketing coach and mentor that has created dozens of success stories through his exclusive team training and resource sites.
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